About us

Since August 2008 our pack, excisting of Oliver, our Ridgeback bitch Zerah and I, live at “Tankumsee”, a recreation area at the South of the Lueneburger Heide, Germany. It was originally planned as a health resort deep inside the forest the nearest towns being Braunschweig, Celle and Wolfsburg. Today, more than 50% of the people live here all year long. Still, all houses are merely timber homes which remind us of holiday trips to Sweden. Our cozy home has around 600m² of garden and is just a stone´s throw away from the lake, being the center of this camp.

Due to my job as a vetenarian I am very much addicted to nature and animals. No wonder, I feel at peace at Tankumsee. Even Oliver who has been living here for 15 years cannot get enough of this gorgeous location in spite of the other beautiful places he gets to visit during his business trips.

The first time I met a Rhodesian Ridgeback was at my neighbors at the age of 10 years. His name was Rex. Always being fascinated by all animals, dogs stayed my favourite ones nad Rex was somewhat special! In spite of his mischievous and impetuous character he immediately broke my heart. 15 years later my long lived dream of my own Ridgeback came true! In 2005 a little puppy born in the kennel Masvingo moved into our house. Since then she enlightens our heart!

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