Diary of our B-litter

Ultrasound videos of the puppies with doppler! At this point of pregancy the puppies are too big to get a ful picture of even one yet you can recognize details like head, spine, ribs, paws. The colours using the doppler allow us to see the heart beat and rate.

Day 50 of pregnany! 39,5 kg and sooooo hungry!

Day 46 of pregancy! 38,5kg yet still able to hunt for mice!

Day 35 of pregancy! Fit as a fiddle, waist farewell!

Zuri is pregnant for 21 days! Today was an exciting day as we did ultrasound at our animal hospital. She is definately pregnant. By doppler we were even able to see the littel heart beats of the puppies! All are developing just fine at this point of age.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Zuri x Waziri getting married

On April 12th Zuri mated successfully with Waziri. Both were as harmonic as ever, playing and fooling around. We are very happy to decided on Waziri for being our sire! Keep your fingers crossed that both become parents!

Mhmm, lecker!

Endlich Ruhe

Jungs, wir haben ihn